The Difference in Hiring a Professional

It is amazing how big of a difference it makes, using a professional company with service professionals.

My wife and I bought our house two years ago, it’s a Starter House – nothing special.  The previous owners did a lot of work and took good care of the house, but it is still an older house so we opted for the home warranty.  The home warranty is nice, the only downside is you MUST use the company/technician that they provide when you request a service call.

So far, we have had four service calls.  We had the dryer die, they replaced it.  We had a pipe in our baseboard heating burst, they fixed it.  This past week we had two calls. First, our washing machine quit working and we had a technician come out and fix it.

On the first load of laundry after the washer was repaired, something nasty happened. Our sewage line backed up into both bathtubs.  The toilets overflowed.  It was a smelly mess!  That’s all the details you really need (and want, I’m sure!).  Our home warranty gets another phone call and they send a technician for the following day.

Here’s where having a professional starts to make a difference….

The tech arrives from…..lets call the company “Awful Heating and Cooling”.  I’m sure they do some things really well, and I’m sure the technician is a very nice guy.  However, today was not their best day.  He comes over, I show him the issue and explain the problem, just the way I explained it to the home warranty folks.  He looks around for a minute and proceeds to repeat back to me the issue – the sewage line is backed up.

Here’s where it gets funny.  He tells me “the ground is frozen, call me back in the spring and I can work on it”. 

It’s -7 degrees outside, I know the ground is frozen.  And do you really want me to wait until March or April before I can shower, do a load of laundry, use the toilet etc…?  Come on man!  He leaves and the home warranty company gets another call and I tell them “thanks for nothing, I’ll call my own people and pay for it on my own”.

Luckily Guardian Environmental Services has an awesome sister company Guardian Plumbing.   An hour later I have the service PROFESSIONAL from Guardian Plumbing arrive at my door and within 45 minutes he has instructed me to go inside and flush the toilets, and run the water in the tubs to clear the line.

Just like that, I am all set.


And after a little bit of bleach and some other household cleaners I was ready to get back to my weekend.

When you have the option, choose the best!  Choose Guardian!