Benefits of Planning HVAC Maintenance

So, what are the benefits of planning HVAC maintenance?

To answer this question, the immediate comparison I think of is a car. Each time you reach 5,000 miles a light on the dashboard comes on to take the car in for an oil change. Immediately looking at the car, there aren’t any major issues or concerns about the car breaking down but changing the oil regularly will keep your car up and running longer. Why? Because in order to get the longest life out of your car it needs to run as efficiently as possible. Not to mention, lack of maintenance could keep you stranded on the side of the road 10,000 miles later.

Going back to the original topic, maintaining your HVAC equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance keeps it running more efficiently and keeps you from being in an environment with no heat or air conditioning.

Right now your thinking, great! I just wasted my time reading about giving a car an oil change. However, 80% of service calls are caused by dirty equipment. You make the decision to prevent a catastrophe from taking place with planned maintenance.