Happy 1st Day of Spring!

It's officially the first day of spring!  That means it is now time to schedule a HVAC planned maintenance visit with GES.

Routine planned-maintenance is one of the biggest favors a company can do for the health of its employees, customers, and budget.

Just a few of the positives that can be gained from an inspection include:

Cleaning- ever cleaned the filters on your vacuum cleaner?  Would you breathe that air?   Our technicians will change your filters, clean, lubricate, and bring new life to that old rooftop air conditioner!

Dependability- how much money will it cost your business if you have to go a few days without air conditioning in the summer?  Will your products survive the heat?  Will your server room be able to stay up and running?  How about employee morale?

Saving money- clean, well maintained equipment runs more efficiently which means it will reduce energy costs during the hot summer.

Give us a call and schedule an inspection for your commercial equipment today!

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