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Scheduled Maintenance

Guardian Environmental Services


GES believes that working with and developing a comprehensive maintenance program for our customers’ HVAC equipment can make a significant impact both financially and strategically. Our professionally trained union technicians bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your facility. Appropriately timed intervals of properly performed planned maintenance greatly increase HVAC system reliability, energy and efficiency. Our expertise and experience are used to thoroughly review your facility through detailed facility audits that uncover energy and operational savings opportunities. We can develop potential energy conservation measures, facility design concepts, and deliver comprehensive facility improvement projects. We self-perform design services, project implementation/management and system commissioning.

Our focus is to perform thoroughly planned maintenance to keep your heating and air conditioning systems, facility climate controls, refrigeration, boilers and chillers performing efficiently and reliably.


Reduce equipment failures
Less equipment downtime
More efficient equipment operation
Energy savings
Prolonged equipment life
Better building environment
Product quality
Asset life extension
Forecast and budget planning for future equipment outlay

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