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You Get What You Pay For

Our technicians find a lot when they are on site with a new client.  Unfortunately, many HVAC companies are only changing your filters when they sell you a PM plan, allowing small internal issues to grow into major problems. Here is a heat exchanger with a serious hole in it. Thankfully a GES technician found…
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GES is excited to welcome Qwik Cold to the family!

Qwik Cold has an innovative cold storage solution, and we are excited to offer them the HV/AC expertise to keep their mobile storage buildings running properly! The building seen here will be able to hold temperatures down to -40, adding an extra chill to Livonia!
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Freezing Pipes!

Planned Maintenance will help keep your building up and running all winter long and help avoid costly breakdowns and the devastation caused by those breakdowns. Check out our website to learn more about our services. Our HVAC service technicians in Livonia will work with you to design a comprehensive plan that is structured to meet…
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